Lisa Remar、MIYAVIのカバー曲「Holy Nights」MV公開


Lisa Remar(リサ・レマー)が、「Holy Nights」のミュージックビデオを公開した。

Lisa RemarはNY在住の日米ハーフのシンガーソングライター/プロデューサーだ。本楽曲「Holy Nights」は、MIYAVIの楽曲のカバー。8月にリリースした『Still Good(Japan Version)』に収録されており、日本のみで配信されているエクスクルーシブトラックである。

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The concept for the music video for Holy Nights - a song originally by MIYAVI performed and produced by myself, Lisa Remar - was something that came to me while thinking of Shibuya crossing. Growing up, every summer I would spend most of my time hanging out with my brother, running through the crowded neighborhoods of Tokyo - and Shibuya crossing excited me the most. The culture splashed across the billboards was so different compared to what I’d see back in NYC or Los Angeles. I’ve always wanted to be a part of that culture, but in a way that introduced an interesting and uncommon idea, which still felt relatively new to main stream Japanese media. I wanted to create a video that I’d pay attention to if I saw it streaming on a digital billboard in Shibuya crossing. This is why in this music video I chose to showcase my queerness. It’s meant to be a love story reminisced by my character who is regretful of not being honest with her romantic feelings towards her friend, despite the feeling being mutual. Director Aerin Moreno was able to take this concept and create an intimate world between the two characters. Her signature aesthetic is so beautifully stylized - it was an absolute pleasure to be able to work with Aerin and become a part of her repertoire !

私がプロデュースしたMIYAVIの楽曲『Holy Nights』のミュージックビデオのコンセプトは、渋谷の交差点を思い浮かべながら思いついたものでした。




── Lisa Remar

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Lisa Remar『Still Good(Japan Version)』

Release: 2021.8.18
Format: Digital
Label: Sign From The Universe Entertainment, LLC

1. Still Good - Intro
2. Halfway to Nowhere
3. Ride
4. Fell Into
5. Fell Into - Stripped
6. Sonny
7. You
8. Mother - Cover
9. Holy Nights - Cover